Wednesday, March 14, 2012

abstract-what is my research question?

.My topic is important to my audience because my type of audience would be interested in music and they probably attend concerts so they would be interested in one of the biggest rock concerts of all time, and how it has affected the way we see concerts today. My audience cares about this topic because they care about music and the things that affect the ways that they see their music put on. My research question is going to be how has Woodstock affected the way that we put concerts on today. I am going to approach my question about this subject by researching about Woodstock and how the concert was put on then use my knowledge of the way concerts are put on today and see if I can make comparisons between the two. In this paper I will show comparisons between the way Woodstock was put on and they way concerts are put on today. In my paper I predict I will find that there are many comparisons to concerts today and to Woodstock. Some preliminary conclusions that I think I will find will be that there are many similarities between Woodstock and concerts that we see today. I also think that I will find similarities between the type of people that attended Woodstock and the type of people that attend concerts today. Also between their behavior at concerts. And finally I think I will find comparisons between the music that was played at Woodstock and the music we listen to.


  1. Taylor--this is a great start. I do think that you will need to explain the historical importance of this project as well; you are essentially writing a music history paper.

    Is your audience an academic one? Do you know what your academic audience will be expecting to see? I think some preliminary research will help you out here.

  2. You can cut a lot! Make sure to keep the first paragraph, then explain to me what your paper is going to do :)